Packing Method

Professional Packers and Movers

In addition to supplying packaging and packaging material we can also package goods. We have an experienced team of packers skilled in various packaging methods. We can provide a suitable and rapid solution for all your packaging problems.

Some examples of our packaging methods include:

Shrink film Through the use of shrink film your already packed or unpacked goods are protected against external influences. The shrink film is applied to the product to be packed and heated whereby the film shrinks in length and width, moulding itself tightly to the product.
Anti-corrosion There are many different methods of anticorrosive packaging. Your products can be treated with a VCI oil and/or film, but we can also include a VCI kit in the packaging. A VCI kit is a combination of VCI film and foam sheets so that the air around the product is saturated with an anticorrosive agent so that moisture has no chance of producing rust.
Aluminium foil Packaging in aluminium foil is mainly used in the case of electronic products. The goods are packed in a made-to-measure air-tight aluminium cover. Drying agents are introduced into this cover that absorb any moisture still present in the product so that hardly any condensation occurs. This results in a completely protected atmosphere for your moisture-sensitive products. Indicators can be applied to the foil so that the moisture content in the foil can be monitored without having to open the package.
Coverings We can protect your already packed, but also unpacked, cargo against (weather) influences from outside by means of tarpaulins. Different types of tarpaulin are available from disposable to heavy-duty reusable tarpaulins. We can also produce and apply made-to-measure covers.